Website Development

I use Figma and Sketch to design beautiful desktop and mobile-friendly websites and give them life by using React, D3.js, Node.js, and Gatsby.js. These tools are not only powerful but they also are an art of its own. It's always fun -- at least for me -- to play with these tools everyday and build apps that people use and love.


JavaScript, React, jQuery, Ajax, Boostrap, SVG


PHP, Express, MongoDB, GraphQL, Netlify CMS, Node.js


Webpack, Gulp, Pug (Jade), LESS/SCSS/SASS, Git, Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla

"Naruth (Sam) was my TA for my Android class during the Spring 2018 quarter, and frankly, I will miss him the next time I teach."

Ted Neward, Director of Smartsheet & Guest Lecturer at the University of Washington

Mobile Development

As a former Undergraduate Teaching Assistant for an Android Development Course (INFO 448) at the University of Washington, I have both the teaching and development skills in Android and iOS development. Oh, and I love building apps! Who doesn't?


Swift 3, Kotlin, Java


Firebase, React Native, Flutter, CocoaPods, Genymotion, Vysor, Google Maps API

Did You Know?

  • 9000+ 7-Eleven stores

    That's the number of stores my Android app that I designed and developed is currently being used at.

  • Communications and Informatics

    I graduated from the University of Washington (Seattle, Washington) in June 2018!

  • Extracurriculars

    uDev - Tech Advisor
    Chingu 5 cohort - Developer
    Seattle xCoders - Speaker

    "I was always impressed with his skillset, creative thinking and ability to meet deadlines ...I will remember of him is ability to think outside the box and point out much better way on taking action."

    Hein Lwin, Head of Digital Technology at OgilvyOne Thailand

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    I cannot wait to tell you more about myself and to learn more about the incredible opportunity that awaits.