About me

Hello everyone. My name is Naruth Kongurai. I also go by Sam.

I am a web developer, specializing primarily in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and React. Graduating this Spring 2018 with a degree in Communications and a minor in Informatics, I am currently looking for jobs!

I’ve done a couple of technical internships over the course of my academic career. At OgilvyOne Worldwide, I took graphic designs that clients like Samsung and Nivea created and turned them into fully functional websites. At a Seattle-based startup called Bitsee, I collaborated with some of the most smartest folks I’ve ever known. Together we were developing an Android application that searches for and discover videos from around the world. At CP All (Thailand), I created an Android mobile application to allow employees a convenient way to conduct employee reviews and gather results.

Here is a summary of technologies:

  • Programming Languages: JavaScript, Java, Python, Swift, Kotlin
  • Web Development: React, Redux, React Native, Express, MongoDB, Sass, Webpack, Gulp, Git, GraphQL, Pug, ES6, jQuery, SVG, Bootstrap, CSS3


I’ve also done numerous side projects. Here are some of my top picks! You can easily view all my projects on my website.

  • Interactive Color Picker — CodePen: Hovering your mouse over each box and a randomized RGB color will be revealed!
  • Beautiful Digital Clock — Google Chrome Extension: A browser extension that displays a beautiful, minimalistic digital clock everyone you hit that new tab button.
  • Free HTML Portfolio Theme — GitHub: An HTML5 website template, featuring a single-page site and an easy-to-configure CSS template. You can see the actual on CodePen.


I also love to collaborate with others on GitHub. Here are the projects I am currently contributing to. (Last updated: January 23rd, 2017).

  • freeCodeCamp: I wrote multiple guides for concepts in HTML, CSS, and the Java programming language.
  • LearnJavaScript: A currently private repository created by Zell Liew who teaches JavaScript and writes numerous articles about the language. I help him edit several content and ensure the course will be fully complete.

The Non-Geek Story

I grew up in Bangkok, Thailand, and spent my childhood years there until I moved to the Seattle, Washington USA in 2014 to attend the University of Washington. Ever since then, I’ve grown a passion for travelling, going as far north as Alaska and Canada, as far as South as Cancun, Mexico, and as far as east of the United States as New York City. Everywhere I visit I often collect Starbucks cards (I emptied out the balance, of course) and also bought souvenirs here and there.

I also love to sample and taste wine. They’re extremely expensive, for someone like me as a university student to afford. But I enjoy working part-time (been doing it since freshman year) on the university’s campus and earn enough money to travel the world, find and taste good wines, and buy tech products I wish for.

I once thought of becoming a doctor! But that dream was crushed the moment I failed the medical entrance examination for one of Thailand’s leading medical school. Who knew…maybe I would have gone on to practice medicine instead of becoming a programmer!

Soccer (or football from where I come from) is my heart and soul for entertainment. I support Liverpool FC, arguably one of Europe’s best soccer team. Here in Seattle, I joined the LFC Seattle Supporter group where they meet every once in a while to watch matches together.