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Loving Hyper So Far

I recently switched to Hyper, a wonderful, web-based terminal that is built by developers at Zeit.

It has been treating me well so far. My previous terminal was iTerm2 (which was great by the way), but I want to try something new. To experiment, perhaps.


Built with HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Powering behind Hyper is Electron, an open-source technology built for speed and performance.

Beautiful, Minimalist in Design

Screenshot of Hyper

No need to explain this part. But seriously though, Hyper has got to be up there in terms of best design of a terminal.

Simple & Easy Configurations

Everything you’d want to configure for Hyper is on this single file: hyper.js. Treat it like our familiar package.json file for Node.

Say you want to add a plugin. Install it via npm. Then just do add a value to the array:

plugins: [

Hit Save! That’s it 🔥

Some Goodies I Recommend

  • Cobalt2 Theme by Wes Bos: An awesome dark but modern theme by Wes Bos.
  • Hyperline: This provides a mini status bar at the bottom of your Hyper terminal, giving you IP address, CPU usage, and other information!

If you’re looking for more, Tierney Cyren’s Awesome Hyper repository has a growing list of Hyper plugins, extensions, themes, and more 🔥!

This post was published on 5 Feb 2018

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