Programming Languages

JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Java, Python, Swift


React, SCSS, Git, Bootstrap, VanillaJS


VS Code, Eclipse, Xcode, Adobe Photoshop, Android Studio, Adobe XD, Sketch, Figma (Web)


B.A. in Communications | Minor in Informatics
University of Washington, Seattle, WA 09/2014 – 06/2018 (Expected)


Web Development Intern
Ogilvy One Worldwide | Bangkok, Thailand | July 2017 -­ September 2017

  • Worked with 3 web developers to create an opinionated, in-house web boilerplate featuring ES-lint, gulp, Prettier, and Git. Shortened average development timeline by 2 months and made new project’s initialization easier.
  • Rebuilt 20 existing email templates with modern “Foundation for Email” framework and ensured that each template worked across multiple devices and browsers to maintain cross-browser compatibility.
  • Led a series of department-wide training which focused on installing and using web frameworks.
  • Documented 5+ functional specific documents, fixed API documentation, and created multiple wireframes in each document to illustrate code-flow and to make it easier for new developers to work on existing codebases.

Android Development Intern
Bitsee (Startup) | Seattle, Washington USA | January 2017 ­- March 2017

  • Developed startup’s first website (Link: using React, SASS, and Gulp for automatic processing.
  • Managed server hosting (switching from Host Gator to Digital Ocean), working with virtual machines and CDNs
  • Improved mobile app’s features, particularly an interactive welcome screen (developed within 2 months).

Technology Development Intern | Focusing on Web & Mobile
Charoen Pokphand (CP All) | Bangkok, Thailand | 07/2016 - 09/2016

  • Optimized website performances by utilizing Gulp and rewriting previous JavaScript codes. Site’s load time increased by 50%. Analysis showed traffic increased by 70% in 1 month.
  • Developed a mobile app useful for inputting survey responses. Used nationwide by employees working for 7-Eleven convenience stores (8000+ as of 2016).
  • Led a tutorial workshop on how to navigate and use the app. More than 50 people attended, including Executives.